9 Powerful Habits to Develop Productivity

9 Powerful Habits to Develop Productivity

Editorial Team

No matter what you do or in what location you work, everyone is seeking ways to become more productive at work. However, excessive amounts of coffee and lists won't help you in getting to the top of your productivity today.

Then, why is it that we're all over-focused on productivity? Perhaps it's because staying focused in the present and not getting distracted is more complex than the actual task at hand in the digital world. In addition, the satisfaction of a successful workday can be a bit positive.

The search to make your workday more productive has resulted in a belief that productivity isn't what it is. And it's far more than simply crossing things off your list. Genuinely productive people aren't focusing on doing more tasks; that's contrary to what they do. If you want to be more effective, you must focus on doing fewer things.

The most successful people share one thing an established routine comprised of daily habits that aid in maintaining an appropriate mindset and lifestyle. Many successful people have these habits easy to integrate into their daily routine. Studies have proven that it takes about 21 days to establish itself as a routine. Here are some practices you can begin to practice to be more efficient.

Make room for more productivity by implementing the following habits:

1. Make a Morning Habit for Yourself

The most effective method for being productive is to get to the exact time each day, including on weekends. This will help your body maintain its natural rhythm. When you perform small, routine actions like opening your curtains when you get up, your body and mind will be aware that it's time to begin your day's tasks. It is also advisable to stretch a few minutes before getting ready and getting your bed ready. These may seem insignificant things, but they will help you stay productive throughout the day.

2. Keep a Journal

Writing down the thoughts you have and organizing them will help you track and reach your goals. It is also a good idea to record your achievements, no matter how small, to inspire you to continue your journey. Within your diary, you'll monitor the progress toward your more important goals and make a note of smaller tasks you'll need to complete to accomplish them. This can help you reflect and has been proved to boost memory and brain performance.

3. Use Apps to Increase Productivity

You wouldn't be able to go to a gym without a set of equipment, so why does your office work without the most effective tools? There are many unique applications available to increase your productivity drastically. Automating some of your less complicated tasks with apps can assist you in becoming more productive.

For instance, you could employ tools to:

  1. Sort your emails using filters for an email to organize emails into specific folders automatically
  2. Delete spam
  3. Pay your bills
  4. Make appointments
  5. Do every repetitive and low-level, or low-level task

If you automate repetitive tasks, you will be able to use your time and energy for more critical functions that can help you achieve the goals of your objectives.

4. Reduce the Size of Your To-do List by Half

Doing things during your working hours shouldn't mean you have to squeeze into doing all the work feasible in your allotted eight hours. Are you required to complete the 30 things you have on your list? Make a more-essential approach to your list by focusing only on the important stuff.

5. Eliminate Distractions

As with the first point, It is difficult to concentrate only on a critical item on your agenda. Suppose you're overwhelmed by distractions.

In highly networked communication nowadays, we are constantly distracted everywhere. Our lives are characterized by a society always influenced by the internet and electronic communications. Text messages, the virtual social media world, and the ability to send emails via mobile devices could be seriously time-consuming when mishandled. Social media and smartphones can be remarkable at times, but they're also an enormous distraction.

You can download numerous applications on your mobile devices to boost your productivity and focus. If you want to be in the focus zone, you could consider placing your phone in a different location.

6. Avoid multitasking

You may think you're doing more; however, hopping around between tasks hinders your brain's processing. The most efficient people work for more than an hour on a single charge, which allows them to achieve a high concentration level and the most effective outcomes.

If you attempt to accomplish several things simultaneously and fail to complete any one of them in the same way as you would have committed time to each task. Multitasking decreases speed and accuracy because your brain is constantly shifting attention to each task. Concentrate on one thing at once, and you'll see a massive increase in inefficiency.

7. Eat the Frog

Highly productive individuals eat the frog' in the morning or begin the day by first doing their most challenging task. If you can eliminate the most difficult task from your list, the rest of your day will be easier than the most demanding tasks that are never moved to the next day.

Another advantage to "eating the frog" early at dawn is that you could make the frog your top priority. You should ask yourself, "If I could only accomplish one thing this morning, what would that item be?" If you're able to tick off that top priority item on your list of things to do each day, you'll eventually increase your productivity.

8. Take More Breaks

After a long day at work, a dull ache in your head should be your cue to take a break. As your brain is depleted of the glucose in its system, allow yourself an opportunity to rest by walking, taking a lunch break, having ice cream, or contemplating. You'll feel refreshed and ready to increase your effectiveness.

9. Do something Nice for Yourself

Making a second reward for an upcoming habit can help to keep us over, at the very least, until the benefits associated with the pattern begin to take effect. Clear recommends using a habit tracker since it allows you to see the progress in its reward.


It is essential to have a long-term vision for your productivity to maintain your focus and energy levels. Try not to think of your productivity in terms of a single day but rather as a journey that will take time, effort, and consistency. Remember to celebrate your accomplishments along the way! These nine habits are only the beginning. Keep exploring and expanding your knowledge to develop even more powerful productivity habits. Thanks for reading!